M81 Bode's and M82 Cigar galaxies

 Posted: 16 Sep, 2023
M81 Bode's and M82 Cigar galaxies
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Sky-Watcher BKP2001
Camera: ZWO ASI294MC Pro
Mount: EQ6R-PRO
Guide Scope: Guide Scope 60240
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI120MC-S
Software: ASIair, Pixinsight, Photoshop
Accessories: Sharpstar 0.95x MPCC, ASIair Plus
75 x 180" ISO/Gain: 1 - Baader UV/IR Cut
72 x 180" ISO/Gain: 1 - L-eXtreme
White zoneLight Pollution:
 Мурино, Россия
7 h 21 m
Resolution: 3654x2436 px
Scale: 2751 KB
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