Sagitta star field (M27, M71, NGC6830)

 12 May, 2021
Sagitta star field (M27, M71, NGC6830)
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Jupiter-37A 135mm
Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Mount: EQ5 with DIY Arduino controller and guiding
Guide Scope: Jupiter-37A 135mm
Guide Camera: Datyson T7C
Software: APT + PHD2, DeepSkyStacker 4.2.2, FITSWork 4
25 x 120" ISO/Gain: 800
Orange zoneLight Pollution:
 Odesa, Ukraine
50 m
Lens aperture: f/8
Darks: 120s x 20 @ ISO 800
Offsets/Bias: 1/4000s x 30 @ ISO 800
Resolution: 5069x3317 px
Scale: 35128 KB
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