Abell 82

 Posted: 16 Oct, 2021
Abell 82
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: TAL-250K
Camera: ZWO ASI294MC Pro
Mount: M9
Guide Scope: D=60mm F=200mm
Guide Camera: zwo asi174mm
Software: N.I.N.A. ASTAP PHD2 Pixinsight
Accessories: Compressor MK1, Filter STC Astro Duo 1.25
470 x 60" ISO/Gain: 120
 Moscow, Russia
7 h 50 m
Resolution: 1331x1331 px
Scale: 276 KB
  5 Nov, 2021
  8 h 50 m
This is composite image of Abell 82 planetary nebula. L for stars and nebula, color for nebula are from STC Astro DUO narrowband image, stars color is from RGB image. A bit noisy due to Bortle 8-9...
Current photo
  16 Oct, 2021
  7 h 50 m
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