NGC 3718

 25 Apr, 2020
NGC 3718
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: SW25012
Camera: QHY5III178M
Mount: SW Neq6 Pro
Software: PGMania
Accessories: Astronomik 1.25"x9 fw, MiniPC I5/4/128
101 x 15" ISO/Gain: 0 - L
Gray zoneLight Pollution:
 1-й СПб Астроколхоз, Россия
25 m
Resolution: 2890x2316 px
Scale: 1132 KB
Current photo Updated
  25 Apr, 2020
  25 m
  24 Apr, 2020
  16 m
NGC 3718 SW25012, QHY5III178M, MPCC, Datyson T7m, MiniPC L, 62x15sec, PGMania (C)p.v., 04.2019, Vorobino
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