NGC7000 - The North america Nebula

 26 Apr, 2019
NGC7000 - The North america Nebula
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: TS Optics 72mm Doublet Apo Refractor
Camera: ZWO ASI183MM Pro
Mount: EQ6R-PRO
Guide Scope: 50mm modified finder scope
Guide Camera: Atik Infinity
Software: DeepSkyStacker, Photoshop, PHD2 Guiding, Astrophotographytool, CDC
Accessories: TS 0,79x reducer/flattener
20 x 600" ISO/Gain: 139 - Panel 1 with the cygnus wall
23 x 600" ISO/Gain: 139 - Panel 2 with the Pelican nebula
19 x 600" ISO/Gain: 139 - Panel 3 with the big part of Ngc7000
19 x 600" ISO/Gain: 138 - Panel 4 for the next part of NGC7000
Yellow zoneLight Pollution:
 Dessau-Roßlau, GERMANY
13 h 30 m
My first big mosaic attempt in Halpha. For some of the panels I already shot OIII and SII but theres still much work to do before i can complete a colour version of this. But Im already excited when i see a new panel added to the mosaic
Resolution: 9288x8877 px
Scale: 7518 KB
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