NGC 5965, NGC 5963

 Posted: 13 Sep, 2020
NGC 5965, NGC 5963
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain CPC800 GPS (XLT)
Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius SX694
Mount: equatorial wedge
Guide Scope: Baader 61x250mm
Guide Camera: ASI120MM
Software: MaxIm DL6, PHD2, PixInsight, StarTools, Photoshop CC, Zoner photo studio 14
Accessories: reducer Starizona 0.75x, filters Astrodon LRGB E-series gen.2
156 x 600" ISO/Gain: 0 - Astrodon L
33 x 600" ISO/Gain: 0 - Astrodon R
33 x 600" ISO/Gain: 0 - Astrodon G
33 x 600" ISO/Gain: 0 - Astrodon B
Yellow zoneLight Pollution:
 Chervonograd, Ukraine
42 h 30 m
NGC 5965, NGC 5963 in the constellation Draco.
NGC 5965 - a spiral galaxy is visible almost from the edge and is located in the image in the upper right part of the image. The distance to the galaxy is about 150 million light years and its diameter exceeds 200 thousand light years.
NGC 5963 - the bluish spiral galaxy faces us and is located in the image below and to the right of NGC 5965. NGC 5963 is much smaller, it is only 40 million light-years away and is not connected to the spiral galaxy visible from the edge. The exceptionally weak blue spiral arms of NGC 5963 allow it to be attributed to galaxies with low surface brightness.
In the lower left portion of the image seen another two fairly bright galaxy. On the left is NGC 5971 with interesting jets and to the right, the elliptical galaxy NGC 5969.

This image taken over several nights in September 2018.
L-channel - 156 x 600 sec. bin 1x1;
R-channel - 33 x 600 sec. bin 1x1;
G-channel - 33 x 600 sec. bin 1x1;
B-channel - 33 x 600 sec. bin 1x1.
Resolution: 2289x1811 px
Scale: 2710 KB
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