M16 M17

 Posted: 5 Jul, 2022
M16 M17
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: TS Optics 65 Q
Camera: Canon 1000D (mod)
Mount: celestron CGEM
Software: siril
Accessories: CLSCCD
60 x 90" ISO/Gain: 1600
Red zoneLight Pollution:
 Saint Avold, france
1 h 30 m
Resolution: 3906x2602 px
Scale: 10739 KB
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Исправьте заголовок, это не М31, а М16 и М17.
5 Jul, 2022 Reply
manu69_hadastro Replied to Smirnov Andrey
it's corrected
it's because I had imported the settings of the photo from M31 and I hadn't corrected
but thank you for your comment
5 Jul, 2022 Reply
Smirnov Andrey Replied to manu69_hadastro
I understood the reason when I opened the M31 :)
5 Jul, 2022 Reply

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