Туманность Sh2-112

 Posted: 2 Aug, 2023
Туманность Sh2-112
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Laniakea 425mm f/3.5
Camera: ZWO ASI533MM Pro
Mount: Skywatcher EQ8-R
Guide Scope: Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI178MM
Software: Pixinsight 1.8
Accessories: TS GPU, ZWO EAF, ZWO EFW, ZWO Asiair
 Краснодар, Россия
Resolution: 4082x3741 px
Scale: 880 KB
  10 Jan, 2024
Current photo
  2 Aug, 2023
  27 Jul, 2023
  15 h 0 m
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