NGC1333. RASA8 first light.

 Posted: 12 Nov, 2021
NGC1333. RASA8 first light.
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Celestron RASA8
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC Pro
Mount: HEQ5 Pro
Guide Scope: SkyWatcher 8x50
Guide Camera: QHY5L-II-C
Software: PixInsight
Accessories: PaspPi + StellarMate OS, QHY5L-II-C + SkyWatcher 8*50, Celestron SCT Focuser
24 x 300" ISO/Gain: 90
Green zoneLight Pollution:
 Нижегородская область, Россия
2 h 0 m
Resolution: 4533x3050 px
Scale: 17948 KB
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Nice image. Like it very much. I tried M64 3 days ago with my brandnew Celestron C8, but have some focusing problems with my Celestron SCT focuser. Can you share your experiences with SCT focuser & StellarMate (V 1.6.1)?
27 Jan, 2022 Reply

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