Yin and Yang (Or Wall In Cygnus)

 Posted: 19 Jul, 2021
Yin and Yang (Or Wall In Cygnus)
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Sky-Watcher Esprit 150 ED Super APO Triplet f/7
Mount: SkyWatcher EQ8-R Pro
Guide Scope: SVBony SV48
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI290MM Mini Monochrome
Software: PHD2 Guiding 2.6.9dev5, Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy (NINA), Pleiades Astrophoto PixInisight 1.8.8 Ripley
Accessories: Sky-Watcher Flattener for Esprit 150 ED, QHYCCD QHYCFW3-L, Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator, Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox v2
29 x 300" ISO/Gain: 56 - Chroma 50mm 3nm Ha
31 x 300" ISO/Gain: 0 - Chroma 50mm 3nm OIII
51 x 300" ISO/Gain: 0 - Chroma 50mm 3nm SII
 L71 Vedrus Observatory, Russian Federation
9 h 15 m
Resolution: 4681x3103 px
Scale: 1933 KB
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