NGC 2392 Туманность "Эскимос"

 Posted: 8 Mar, 2020
NGC 2392 Туманность "Эскимос"
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: MEADE 8" LX200 f/10
Camera: QHY163M
Mount: EQ6R-PRO
Guide Scope: Custom MEADE Infinity 80 f/10
Guide Camera: MEADE LPI-G Advanced Monochrome
Software: SharpCap 3.2
Accessories: L-Pro filter
58 x 7" ISO/Gain: 400
Red zoneLight Pollution:
 Frisco, United States
7 m
Первая сборка в DeepSkyStacker (with Darks) исходников полученных в SharpCap камерой QHY163M. Практически нет пост-обработки.
Moon 93%
Apparent Mag.: +9.1
Apparent Size (arc mins): 0.8 (48 arc sec)
Radius (light-years): 0.34
Resolution: 4634x3511 px
Scale: 27290 KB
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