Комета 144/P Kushida

 Posted: 11 Feb, 2024
Комета 144/P Kushida
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Sky Watcher 130/650 PDS
Camera: Canon EOS 2000D
Mount: EQ5
Software: DeepSkystacker, FITStacker, Photoshop, Fitswork
Accessories: Корректор комы Baader Planetarium MPCC Mark III
80 x 30" ISO/Gain: 800 - CLS фильтр
 Пятигорск, Россия
40 m
Resolution: 4923x2661 px
Scale: 14147 KB
  24 May, 2024
  40 m
Current photo
  11 Feb, 2024
  40 m
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