NGC7635 Bubble Nebula

 Posted: 11 Aug, 2022
NGC7635 Bubble Nebula
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: SkyWatcher 200/1000PDS
Camera: ZWO ASI533MM Pro
Mount: EQ6R-PRO
Guide Scope: SvBony 60x240
Guide Camera: ZWO 120M Mini
Software: PI, PH
Accessories: MPCC Baader Mark III
135 x 300" ISO/Gain: 100 - Ha 3nm Optolong
153 x 300" ISO/Gain: 100 - OIII 3nm Optolong
69 x 300" ISO/Gain: 100 - SII 3nm Optolong
Red zoneLight Pollution:
 Krasnodar, Russian Federation
29 h 45 m

The first light of the new ASI533MM camera and 3nm filters and the first experience of combining image in the Hubble palette on the Bubble nebula from the red zone of light pollution.
Resolution: 2312x2312 px
Scale: 21402 KB
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