My name is Dirk Willfeld and I was always obsessed with space. I am an amateur/hobby astronomer and i mainly shoot from the comfort of my backyard under bortle 6/7 skies. I started with astrophotography using a GoPro action cam and 30 second exposures in my garden and was amazed to see the milkyway in these unedited pictures. My interest slowly took me to where I currently am and I am so happy to be part of this growing field of space enthusiasts. The GoPro thing started as a test in the summer of 2017 and now I am doing full blown astrophotography with big mount , autoguiding and filters for narrwobandimaging. When I got myfirst telescope I wondered how I could bring the wonderful things that bring me hours of fun and enjoyment to other people. I always wanted to share this special feeling of seeing incrediblly distant objects with a telescope. Astrophotography gives me that opportunity and not only can I show my results to others and share my experiences but I also slowly build a little space catalogue of my own that I can always revisit and drool about. Clear skies to all the other Astronerds out there capturing breathtaking images of our beautiful universe!
Photos taken with:
Equipment filter
Telescope or Lens: TS Optics 72mm Doublet Apo Refractor
Main Camera: ZWO ASI183MM Pro Canon 1200Da
Mount: EQ6R-PRO
Software: DeepSkyStacker Photoshop PixInsight PHD2 Guiding Astrophotographytool CDC PIPP Registax Pixinsight ASICAP Deepskystacker Astrophotography Tool PHD 2 Guiding
Accessories: TS 0 79x reducer/flattener Bahtinov mask Remote shutter release 0.79x reducer/flattener
Clear filters