Галактики "Антенны" (Antennae Galaxies, NGC 4038/NGC 4039)

 Posted: 28 Apr, 2022
Галактики "Антенны" (Antennae Galaxies, NGC 4038/NGC 4039)
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: 130/650 "Полурослик"
Camera: ZWO ASI 178 MC
Mount: EQ-5 OnStep
Guide Scope: DatiSon 60/240
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI 120mm
Software: APT, PHD, DSS, FitsWork, Photoshop 2020
43 x 120" ISO/Gain: 300
Yellow zoneLight Pollution:
 Сочи, c.Волковка, Россия
1 h 26 m
Resolution: 2937x1950 px
Scale: 24946 KB
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