NGC 7380 (Туманность Колдун)

 Posted: 17 Sep, 2023
NGC 7380 (Туманность Колдун)
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: Sky-watcher 150PDS
Camera: ZWO ASI533MC Pro
Mount: Bresser Exos-2 Onstep
Guide Scope: Guidescope 50 mm
Guide Camera: ZWO 120-MM
Software: N.I.N.A., PHD2, SiriL, StarNet, Topaz Denoise, Ps
Accessories: Baader MPCC Mark III
71 x 300" ISO/Gain: 100 - Svbony SV220 Dual-Band 7 nm
Orange zoneLight Pollution:
 Rudensk, Belarus
5 h 55 m
Resolution: 2918x2894 px
Scale: 7253 KB
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