Veil, C33, NGC 6992, C34, NGC 6960

 Posted: 8 Jul, 2021
Veil, C33, NGC 6992, C34, NGC 6960
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Technical Info
Telescope or Lens: SharpStar 76EDPH f/4.5
Camera: ToupTek ATR3C571
Mount: iOptron GEM28
Guide Scope: SW50F3.5
Guide Camera: ZWO 120MM
Software: DSG, PHD, DSS, PS
Accessories: Radian Triad Ultra 2"
13 x 600" ISO/Gain: 0
Yellow zoneLight Pollution:
 Minsk, Belarus
2 h 10 m
Resolution: 6199x4128 px
Scale: 18898 KB
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